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    Many of our Friday project videos are based on games - computer games, video games, games people play. . .  It takes someone like DJ to bring the perfect Venn diagram of love of the game, (in this case, the post-apocalyptic Fallout video game franchise), the imagination to visualize the props from the games working in real life and the technical chops to actually make it happen.  Ladies and gentlemen, we present the Pip-Boy 2000 Mk II.


    We're raiding the vault of builds from element14 presents and giving them away to Community members to help us celebrate our upcoming 500th episode which will feature three of our video hosts competing in the Build Inside the Box 500 challenge.


    To win this unique and functional build, simply tell us about a technology gadget from your favorite video game or sci-fi show that you would like to see an IRL version.


    If you've built it, seen someone else build it, or wish someone would just build it already - tell us in the comments below.


    DJ's taken a swing through a lot of his favorites - so if you're looking for inspiration, check out these past episodes:

    Episode 378: Invader ZIM Animatronic GIR

    Episode 411: Animatronic Claptrap Computer Case - Part 1

    Episode 413:  Animatronic Claptrap Case Mod - Part 2

    Episode 470: Voice Activated Inspector Gadget Hat

    Episode 394: Animatronic GLaDOS Head with Raspberry Pi


    Tell us which is your favorite (and why) or tell us about something you built or something you would like to see created.  The element14 Community team will pick the best comment to win the Pip-Boy.


    Episode 417: #Pipboy 2000 Mk II - watch now

    Pipboy 2000 Mk II















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