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    Since the Raspberry Pi first showed up in 2012 it has appeared in countless Pi-based projects on the element14 Community and in builds on element14 presents.


    This build features the 7" Touch Screen Display7" Touch Screen Display designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi.  This has been a go-to part for DJ in other builds, like his reedition of a Cyberdeck he built in Episode 488.


    It is an elegant piece of kit to add the display needed to enjoy you favorite single board computer, the Raspberry Pi.  Of course, it's not the only option - especially in a world full of engineers and makers like you.


    To win this unique Raspberry Pi Portable, share an example of how you (or someone else) has added display to a Raspberry Pi.

    It could be a different application of the 7" display - or it could be something that retrofitted an old display to work with the pi or used projection or big screens or split display across more than one screen.  We're looking for your favorite examples of how people have addressed hooking up a display to a Raspberry Pi.


    Share in the comments below (photos will help tell the story) for your chance to win.


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    The Ultimate Raspberry Pi4 Portable

















    Comment below to win!

    Entries are due by Friday, May 14 at 5pm CDT.