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    Members Winners Announced! - Meet the Winners

    Check out these projects - our element14 member final submissions to Build Inside the Box.


    Congratulations to each of these members for creating unique projects that fit the constraints of using all the parts in The Box.



    E14 Presents - Ball on a Beam - Build Inside the Box 2021  aspork42
    Build Inside The Box - Sump Pump Alarmkmikemoo
    Build Inside The Box - Advanced Bike Computergreenmate
    Build Inside the Box - Doremino #1 | Conceptembedded_sergey
    What's in the box! Don't look in the box!easyejl


    The element14 presents contestants James, Katie and Clem are the judges who will be deciding which of the above projects wins the member contest for Build Inside the Box.


    Member winners will be announce the week of June 7, 2021.


    James, Katie and Clem will be revealing their builds on our 500th episode of element14 presents airing Friday, 28-May.  Each of them is competing on behalf of a STEM educator in their part of the world - and those educators have a chance at winning some awesome prize packages the help them continue teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to the next generation of engineers.  Register for the June 22 live Twitch stream by clicking the banner below to see who won.



    All element14 members will have a chance to vote on the element14 presents winner.  Voting opens 28-May and closes 11-June.  Watch this space for details.