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    Okay, technically, this circuit *does* use Op-Amps. However, the ones shown here are integrated into an ATmega128DB microcontroller from Microchip. The DIP package breaks out two operational amplifiers that are controllable entirely by software. Even better, you can program like they are an Arduino!


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    AVR128DB MCU, 8BIT, 24MHZ, SPDIP-28 ROHS COMPLIANT: YESMicrochip1Buy NowBuy Now
    Evaluation Board, MCU 8-Bit, Arduino Nano, AVR, ATmega328Arduino1Buy NowBuy Now
    USB to UART (Serial) BoardFTDI1Buy NowBuy Now
    Digital Oscilloscope, 14-bit, 4-in-1, 2+1 Channel, 200 MHz, 1 GSPS, 40 Mpts, 1.7 nsMulticomp1Buy NowBuy Now