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    Today we’re announcing the next generation of our Power over Ethernet (PoE) HAT. Compared to its predecessor, the Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT delivers more power, implementing the 802.3at PoE+ standard; and it runs cooler, thanks to various design improvements. Best of all, we’ve been able to keep the original affordable price of $20.



    The original PoE HAT implements the 802.3af standard, and can deliver a guaranteed minimum of 13W to the Raspberry Pi. This is enough to power a Raspberry Pi 4 at maximum load, but not quite enough to power the hungriest USB peripherals at the same time.

    The PoE+ HAT implements the 802.3at standard. When used with a compatible switch or injector this means it can deliver up to 25W, as you can see from this comparison table.


    Standards supported802.3af802.3af, 802.3at
    Output voltage5V5V
    Maximum output current2.5A5A
    Maximum power15.4W25.5W
    Current senseNoYes
    Transformer designWire-woundPlanar
    PCB4 layers, 2oz copper4 layers, 2oz copper
    Compatible withRaspberry Pi 3B+, 4BRaspberry Pi 3B+, 4B

    The new components:


    A New Diode Rectifier -
    The Raspberry Pi Foundation have replaced the existing diode rectifier with what they are calling an "Ideal diode".


    A New Transformer - Bourns Planar Transformer

    A very interesting almost flat transformer which uses PCB traces as windings for the Transformer its self!


    All in all a wonderful and rounded upgrade with some great real world problem solving!


    What would you do with the new PoE Hat?