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    Join us, in collaboration with Infineon, for the Low Power IoT Design Challenge with the PSoC™ 6S2 + AIROC™ Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Pioneer Kit !


    Make IoT work in industry, using Infineon’s low-power compute, connectivity, and sensing technology!


    The Challenge


    The element14 Community is pleased to introduce the Low Power IoT Design Challenge, in partnership with Infineon Technologies.


    So many different applications in industrial and enterprise environments can benefit from lower-power and easier-to-use embedded solutions. From remote monitoring of raw materials, to battery-backed sensor hubs on a factory floor, no company wants to spend money, time, and operational bandwidth to service devices that are energy inefficient. Add in the design issues that come with optimizing system power, implementing analog and digital sensor processing, integrating security, and connecting to the cloud or mobile applications.


    Infineon Technologies is deeply committed in its effort to “Make IoT Work.” That means giving developers like yourselves the right hardware platform to build smart, energy-efficient, and secure IoT systems, along with an easy-to-use, flexible, and complete software to bring your ideas to life.


    That is why for this Design Challenge, Infineon and element14 are inviting you to use the PSoC™ 6S2 + AIROC™ Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062S2-43012) , along with the ModusToolbox™ Software Environment, to build a low-power IoT device. Optimize power in a cloud-connected predictive maintenance module on a production line, extend the battery life of a rugged device technicians would wear to get smart alerts, detect human presence in a smart building doorway using a coin-cell powered sensor node, and more, the possibilities are endless. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


    20 successful applicants will receive the PSoC™ 6S2 + AIROC™ Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062S2-43012) to build and blog their project with.


    For the chance to win one of the prizes below, you must build your low-power project using the kit above and the ModusToolbox™.


    We aren’t necessarily defining “low-power” parameters, as it varies greatly in different applications, and we want to give you the creative agency to do what is best for your design. We have lots of enablement to help optimize system power (see technical resources below), as well as to implement features such as CapSense capacitive-sensing, graphical displays, machine learning, and much more (again – see resources below!).


    Example applications could include:

    • Factory Automation Sensor Hub
    • Predictive Maintenance Module
    • Human Presence Detection
    • Fall Detection Device
    • Cloud-Connected Robot
    • Air Quality Monitor


    The Sponsored Kit The Specs

    PSoC™ 6S2 + AIROC™ Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Pioneer Kit

    PSoC™ 6S2 + AIROC™ Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Pioneer Kit


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    • Ultra-low-power PSoC™ 62 MCU that integrates an Arm® Cortex®-M4 and Cortex-M0+ onto a single chip and provides up to 2 MB of Flash and 1 MB of SRAM

    • The Murata 1LV Module hosting the ultra-pow-power Infineon AIROC™ CYW43012 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi + Dual-Mode Bluetooth combo chipset radio

    • CapSense capacitive touch sensing enabled buttons and sliders

    • PSoC 5LP MCU for program/debug

    • Excelon™-Ultra 4Mbit 108-MHz QSPI nonvolatile F-RAM in an 8-SOIC package



    Suggested Accessories

    These are not part of the sponsored kit, but have been highlighted by Infineon as compatible components that could help you out in this challenge.


    Suggested Accessories Buy AllBuy AllThe Specs

    TLV493D 3DSense Shield2Go Add-On Board



    Infineon’s Shield2Go boards offer a unique customer and evaluation experience – the boards are equipped with one Infineon IC. Customers can now develop their own system solutions by combining Shield2Go boards together with Infineon My IoT adapters. All Shield2Go boards share a common pin out design, i.e. pins are hard coded to specific functions like SPI or I2C. This enables a generic PCB evaluation board design for Infineon’s portfolio like the DPS310 Pressure Shield2Go, the TLV493D-A1B6 3DMagnetic Shield2Go, the TLI4970-D050T4 CurrentSense Shield2Go or the OPTIGA™ Trust E and X Security Shield2Go.

    TLV493D 3DSense Shield2Go Add-On Board


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    Infineon’s 3D magnetic sensor TLV493D-A1B6 offers accurate three dimensional sensing with extremely low power consumption. Within its small 6-pin package the sensor provides direct measurement of the x, y and z magnetic field components, making it ideally suited for the measurement of 3D movement, linear travel, and 360° angle rotation. Infineon’s S2Go_3DSense_TLV493D boards offer a unique customer and evaluation experience

    IM69D130 Microphone Shield2Go Add-On Board (S2GOMEMSMICIM69DTOBO1)

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    Infineon’s IM69D130 MEMS Microphone supports a dynamic range of 105dB with a signal to noise ratio of 69dB(A) SNR, <1% total harmonic distortions up to 128 dBSPL, and acoustic overload point at 130dBSPL. Infineon’s Shield2Go boards offer a unique customer and evaluation experience – the boards are equipped with two high-performance digital MEMS Microphones (IM69D130).

    DPS310 Pressure Shield2Go Add-On Board (S2GOPRESSUREDPS310TOBO1)

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    Infineon’s DPS310 barometric pressure sensor supports ultra-high +/-0.005 hPa resolution (equating to +/-5 cm), very good temperature stability due to a linear temperature dependency, and relative accuracy ±0.06 hPa, as well as an integrated FIFO that can store up to 32 pressure/temperature measurements, which enables energy savings on system level. Infineon’s Shield2Go boards offer a unique customer and evaluation experience – the boards are equipped with one DPS310 barometric pressure sensor.
    TLI4970 Current Sense Shield2Go Add-On Board (S2GOCURSENSETLI4970TOBO1)
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    The TLI4970 is a high-precision current sensor based on Infineon´s proven Hall technology. The coreless concept significantly reduces footprint compared with existing solutions. It’s an easy-to-use, fully digital solution that does not require external calibration or additional parts such as A/D converters, OpAmps, or reference voltage. Infineon’s S2Go_CurrentSenseTLI4970 boards offer a unique customer and evaluation experience – the boards are equipped with one TLI4970 current sensor.



    Be Rewarded on the Community

    For entering and taking part in the Design Challenge competition, you'll be rewarded the following badges:


    badgeApply to join the Design Challenge and receive a badge and points for applying! Make sure you've thought your application through, made it original and your own work. If you are building upon someone else's work, make sure you cite your sources. Direct copies of work will not be accepted.
    badgePost your first blog! We expect updates on how your Design Challenge project is going, so don't hold back, tell us your thoughts, difficulties, and how you're progressing. Remember that you're assessed based upon your updates, and don't be afraid - other challengers and members are there to help you with any problems you have, and it helps the staff to keep an eye on you!
    55 blogs! Wow, has it really been that long? We hope you'll keep us updated about your project at least once every two weeks, for 10 weeks. We'll not be impressed if you only put a one-liner in there, that's what messages are for. Blogs are to make sure you're giving us all of the juicy detail, trials and tribulations of what's going on, and it keeps everyone honest!
    badgeEven if you're not a challenger in the Design Challenge, we appreciate every member who joins in and gives a helping hand to applicants and members. If your messages are found to be helpful, we want to acknowledge that and reward you!


    The Prizes


    PrizePrize Category

    grand prize

    Grand Prize*

    • 11” Apple iPad Pro, 128GB, Wi-Fi
    • Solar Powered Charger
    runnerup prize

    Runner Up*

    • Apple iPad Mini, 64GB, Wi-Fi
    • Solar Powered Charger
    finisher prize

    Finisher Prize


    Multicomp Digital Multimeter

    *Or local equivalent


    The Judges


    Technical Judge Team
    element14 Community Judges
    element14 Community Team



    Need help? Comment and read the resources below:

    Technical Resources:





    Infineon’s ModusToolbox™ is a set of easy-to-use multi-platform software development tools and a comprehensive suite of GitHub-hosted firmware libraries providing a high-quality experience for developing your IoT applications with Infineon PSoC™ 6 MCUs and AIROC™ Wi-Fi / Bluetooth LE wireless connectivity. Unlike traditional IDE-centric approaches, ModusToolbox provides powerful standalone tools like our easy-to-use configurators and leaves the choice of compiler, editor, debugger, and revision control system up to you.




    The Dates

    Project Phases


    Build Period

    27th August - 5th November 2021
    Projects Due5th November 2021
    Winners AnnouncedNovember 2021
    Prizes ShippedNovember 2021



    The Terms


    Selected official applicants will be chosen to receive the "Kit" listed above. These successful applicants will be our sponsored challengers, and they must use the PSoC™ 6S2 + AIROC™ Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062S2-43012) within their project, and publish their final code and designs on the element14 Community for others to use. Those not chosen as sponsored challengers may also join the competition, but they must base their projects around the kit listed above OR another PSoC 6 Kit and adhere to all terms and conditions of the challenge.

    They need to post their progress and final project as at least 5 blog posts before the closing date (see above) when projects are due.

    Posts which are media rich with photos, videos, and code samples will be viewed more favorably in the judging process.

    Please read the full terms and conditions of the challenge, attached below.


    Ready to join the challenge? Then Apply Here!


    If you are not successful in becoming a sponsored challenger but still want to enter, all you need to do is use the Kit as described above in your project and adhere to the same Terms and Conditions for a chance to be our winner! Non sponsored challengers are eligible for the Finisher and Winner Prizes as well.