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    Summer of FPGAs

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    FPGAs are synonymous with artificial Intelligence, high performance computing, embedded vision, automated vehicles, the 5G transformation, and more. In the coming years, there will be incredible innovation for which FPGAs will be an integral component. In the spirit of providing educational enrichment and skills-building for future FPGA engineers, element14 is announcing the Summer of FPGAs.


    Over the summer months, element14 will be offering educational workshops and webinars, training courses, and opportunities to RoadTest the latest products.  The Summer of FPGAs will be a multi-supplier event where we’ll provide a place to learn and build new skills, with events geared for those just starting out as well as those who are experienced. We will also give our members the chance to win some of these great products from our suppliers.

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    More participants: Avnet, Delkin Devices, Digilent, & ON Semiconductor


    TitleDatesRelated Products
    The Power and Thermal Design Process in Ultra96-V2June 9Ultra96 V-2Ultra96 V-2
    Arduino Vidor 4000July 14Vidor 4000Vidor 4000
    A Tour of ZedBoardJuly 21ZedBoards
    Getting Started with FPGAs: A Panel DiscussionJuly 23
    Project WorkshopsAug 4, 11, 18 & 25
    High Speed Interconnects for FPGA ApplicationsSept 8
    Debugging a Linux Application Using VitisSept 15
    Getting Started - Creating Board definition FilesSept 22
    Build Scripts with Ultra96-V2TBD
    Developing RISC-based Systems with Lattice Propel™ Design EnvironmentTBD
    Vision and Sound AI WorkshopTBD
    Demonstration of Dual Camera MezzanineTBD

    Additional FPGA Webinars & Recordings


    July High Speed Interconnects for FPGA Applications

    Sept FPGA and Face Applications

    Sept Debug Programming and Simulation

    Additional FPGA Essentials

    Tech Spotlights

    July FireFly™ Micro Flyover System™


    TBD Using Lattice CrossLink-NX FPGAs interface multiple MIPI CSI-2 Image Sensor Data

    TBD Adaptive Computing

    Additional FPGA Tech Spotlight


    Lattice LCMXO3LF-6900C-S-ENV  Breakout Board

    Lattice roadtest TBD

    New Xilinx Vision AI Starter Kit

    Polarfire FPGA Splash Evalution Kit

    Additional FPGA RoadTests

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    July The Hello FPGA Quiz - Microchip

    TBD General FPGA Quiz - Xilinx

    Additional FPGA Quizes