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    Watch our related 504 episode more on Mike's sump pump alarm


    We had two challenges going on during Build Inside the Box.  One pitted members of our video content creators' team against each other, and the results can be seen in the 500th episode of element14 presents:  Build Inside The Box Challenge.  The winners of that challenge can be seen on that page by looking at the poll results.  We'll also be having a live Twitch Stream with James, Katie, and Clem where they'll discuss their builds (and the member submissions) on Tuesday, June 22 - you can register for that event here.

    The other Build Inside the Box 500 challenge was for element14 members, and was judged by James, Katie, and Clem.  Their announcement is below.  Congratulations to everyone who participated!


    The Build Inside the Box 500 challenge is unique because it forces very specific constraints (eight components you must use) and offers unlimited creativity. The projects our fellow element14 community members proposed demonstrated this incredible range.


    After careful deliberation, Katie, Clem, and James have selected their favorite projects!

    Everyone who participated did an incredible job. Not everyone could finish, but, let’s be honest, are projects ever done? We sincerely hope everyone continues to work on their projects and keeps us updated on the community.

    Unfortunately, there can only be three winners (according to the Terms and Conditions). Congratulations to the winners, who will each receive a $150 shopping cart!

    We enjoyed watching you all build your projects while we built ours!









    aspork42 - Ball On a Beam

    James (aspork42) set out implementing a PID algorithm, in which a ball is balanced on a beam. Although we did not know that right away, because he kept the project details secret! We appreciate his great updates for the community. After trials and tribulations, we are happy to see he could push past the engineering challenges and get the basic functionality working on this interesting build.


    greenmate - Advanced Bike Computer

    While we all like to tackle a project’s engineering challenges, sometimes you have to solve the logistics first!. In this regard, Mate (greenmate) demonstrated a fantastic ability to keep moving forward, despite the courier service’s best attempts to stall their progress. In addition to cleverly using the sensors included with the kit, he added some others suited to environmental monitoring. The 3D-printed box housing the components is clean, even if the wiring inside is not (we can all relate to that!). Well done greenmate!


    kmikemoo - Sump Pump Alarm

    Houses with a basement are in a constant fight with the underground water table. As incredible as indoor swimming pools might sound, they are not very fun for a homeowner! Sump systems collect the water that enters a basement and then pump it out of the house; that is, when they have the power they need! The Sump Pump Alarm from Mike (kmikemoo) looks excellent, very functional, and uses all of the parts in the project. A USB power bank is an ideal backup power supply to run a monitoring system to let someone know when the pump isn’t working. We all enjoyed Mike’s excellent project demo video, so you should check it out too!


    Honorable Mention:  the element14 presents team liked Mike’s build so much that we’ve decided to air it as a Friday episode on our element14 presents channel - here and on YouTube.