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    DIY Sump Pump Alarm

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    Houses with a basement are in a constant fight with the underground water table. As incredible as indoor swimming pools might sound, they are not very fun for a homeowner! Sump systems collect the water that enters a basement and then pump it out of the house; that is, when they have the power they need! The Sump Pump Alarm from Mike (kmikemoo) looks excellent, very functional, and uses all of the parts in the project. A USB power bank is an ideal backup power supply to run a monitoring system to let someone know when the pump isn’t working. We all enjoyed Mike’s excellent project demo video, so you should check it out too!


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    Arduino MKR Zero

    Arduino1Buy NowBuy Now
    PRO Portable USB High Capacity Power BankMulticomp1Buy NowBuy Now
    Pluggable Terminal BlockWago1Buy NowBuy Now
    Operational AmplifierMicrochip1Buy NowBuy Now
    PhototransistorVishay1Buy NowBuy Now
    OLED Graphic DisplayMidas1Buy NowBuy Now
    Temperature Sensor ICMicrochip1Buy NowBuy Now
    Range/Gesture SensorST1Buy NowBuy Now