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    Attack of the Drones                                      


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    Congratulations to milosrasic98  for  SRD-1 - 3D Printed Drone (Arduino + Raspberry) - June 11th Update - It Flies! !  You are the winner of a $400 Shopping Cart and earn the Grand Prize Trophy Badge!


    Congratulations to  dubbie  for Dromes4All : Fully Functional Working Drome! Hooray!ralphjy  for Alpha Rover - Interrupted ,  and crisdeodates   for Gesture Controlled Drone #7 : Conclusion !  You are the First Place winners of the $200 Shopping Cart and earn First Place Trophies!


    The Attack of the Drones competition kicked off on Arduino Day this year with an Arduino Day Workshop: NanoDrone II: AI and Computer Vision with LoRa (Win a PSoC6 and a Pair of MKR 1300 Boards!) featuring balearicdynamics and jancumps.   We used this as an opportunity to celebrate the 16th birthday of Arduino on Arduino Day.   We also used this as an opportunity to celebrate the 4th birthday of Project14.   Its been pretty amazing that we've been able to launch a new contest every month for 4 years and just want to take this moment to thank you for supporting us throughout this journey.   We've typically done something around Star Wars and Arduino or Geek Pride Day around April every year and this year was no exception.   Attack of the Drones was an homage to Sci Fi and its influence on drone technology.  Your project could feature any kind of drone such as a UAV drone. a droid, a robot with wheels, a Cylon Hunter, a Borg,  or a humanoid.


    This was a tougher contest than usual so the work here was especially impressive.  The grand prize winner from milosrasic98 was most impressive.   The goal of his project was to design a quadcopter platform that could equip any amount of sensors, cameras, or anything else. Since this was a DIY drone it involved playing with flight algorithms, and a fair share of ground scraping, tree crashes, and wall slamming.  As such his goal was for this drone to be easily fixable, with all of the mechanical components (except the propellers) either 3D printable or something that could be made using commonly found materials and tools. In the end he got it to fly.   Where there are robots involved,  dubbie is usually not far behind.  He was able to beat the original deadline and produce a fully working Drome4All a week before it was set to expire.  As it turned out we had to extend the deadline a little further out than we originally had planned.   For him,  this has been a pretty fun project (apart from some frustration with getting the IR transceiver to work). It may even be the best packaged project he's put together, definitely a worthy winner. In the he achieved what he set out to achieve by making a mobile robot.  Along the way he learnt a great deal about the NEC IR transceiver module.  ralphjy did some impressive work with his Alpha Drone rover and although he was unable to finish, his work on the project impressed the judge enough to make it a top pick for this contest.   The final winner was crisdeodates who was motivated by a curiosity to explore the various control schemes for small-scale drones.



    The Grand Prize


    SRD-1 - 3D Printed Drone (Arduino + Raspberry) - June 11th Update - It Flies!   by milosrasic98 :

    Seriously, don't laugh, this was a genuine (and fruitful) learning exercise




    First Place Winners:




    Dromes4All : The First Prototype  by dubbie:







    Alpha Rover  by  ralphjy:

    Alpha Rover





    Gesture Controlled Drone #1 : Introduction by crisdeodates:



    Gesture Controlled Drone





    Be sure to Congratulate the Winners and Keep Being Awesome!