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    1) An FPGA is a "Field Programmable Gate Array." "Field Programmable" means:



    2) The logic elements of an FPGA are organized in a ________, similar to a gate array.



    3) Microchip's low and midrange density FPGAs contain a certificate injected at manufacturing time, certifying that the device is from Microchip. The certificate also includes device information such as ___________ and ___________.



    4) What is a typical component of a Field Programmable Gate Array?



    5) True or False: Microchip's SmartFusion2, Igloo2, and Polarfire FPGAs use DPA countermeasures licensed from Cryptography Research Inc., a division of Rambus, and are assessed for DPA resistance by a third party lab.



    6) Modern FPGAs can contain features that aid in the development of specific applications. Which one of these is NOT included in a modern FPGA?



    7) To secure data communications, Microchip FPGAs include cryptographic accelerators, like a(n) _______ accelerator, a(n) _________ accelerator, and an elliptical accelerator for the encryption of public and private keys.



    8) True or False: SRAM-based FPGAs often require an external boot device to hold the configuration.



    9) The SONOS non-volatile (NV) technology used in Polarfire FPGAs is built on a ________ technology node.



    10) Flash-based FPGAs are reprogrammable and _______, and therefore _______ reconfiguration at each power on.



    11) Microchip's previous generation FPGAs used floating gate NV technology that required _________ to program. The SONOS technology used in Polarfire FPGAs requires _________ to program, enabling the use of smaller charge pumps.



    12) True or False: FPGAs have lower latency than the typical microprocessor.



    13) FPGAs perform _______ processing, while microprocessors typically execute instructions _____, allowing FPGAs to respond to inputs more quickly.



    14) The Polarfire FPGA has up to __________ I/Os, organized in banks.



    15) How does using an FPGA reduce development cycle risk when compared to an ASIC?



    16) True or False: Non-volatile Flash-based FPGAs have a power-on in-rush current and a configuration current because they are in an indeterminate state at power-on.



    17) An SRAM FPGA use a ___-transistor configuration cell.



    18) A typical SRAM FPGA has ____ leakage current than/as a typical Flash FPGA.



    19) Radiation can affect and cause failures in electronic systems, including FPGAs. What are the main causes of radiation-induced failures in electronic systems?



    20) True or False: An SRAM FPGA is more vulnerable to radiation than a Flash FPGA.



    21) The "switch" leakage path, or "FPGA logic signal path," is the leakage current across a switch in the _________ state.



    22) Differential Power Analysis (DPA) is a technique used by hackers to extract secret keys from an FPGA by measuring the __________ while the device is performing a cryptographic algorithm.



    23) Each Microchip low and medium density FPGA has __________ around critical circuitry to detect probing, in addition to tamper detection circuitry.



    24) The Polarfire transceiver block has 4 lanes and supports data rates from ________ to ________.



    25) True or False: Microchip FPGAs feature Flash*Freeze technology, enabling them to run at ultra-low static power while retaining all the SRAM and registers information.

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