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    Lattice Product Portfolio:


    Lattice Development Tools:


    LEC2, Lattice Training Partner:



    PolarFire SoC: Building a Linux Yocto Image and Controlling the MSS GPIOs


    PolarFire SoC Icicle Kit:


    PolarFire SoC Bare Metal Applications from from Loosely Integrated Memory (LIM)


    PolarFire SoC Github


    Microchip FPGA Design & Implementation Tools: Libero SoC


    Microchip FPGA & SoC Tutorials


    SmartDebug: Probing your design without re-synthesis or re-implementation and hardware-based single-step debug


    Microchip SmartHLS Compiler


    SmartHLS Tutorial (Sobel Filtering for Image Edge Detection)

    Microchip Machine Learning Framework: VectorBlox


    Introduction to Microchip VectorBlox Accelerator


    Microchip VectorBlox Github repository


    VectorBlox Video Kit Demo Guide


    Microchip Low Power FPGAs


    Microchip University, Technical training courses on embedded control



    Welcome to the Xilinx Wiki!

    The purpose of the wiki is to provide you with the tools you need to complete projects and tasks which use Xilinx products.


    Vivado Tools:

    • Xilinx Tool Downloads:

    • Vivado Design Suite Tutorial - Design Flows Overview

    • Vivado Design Suite Tutorial - Embedded Processor Hardware Design


    • Vitis  Embedded Software Development Flow Documentation Community Resources:

    • Xilinx Community Portal:

    • Xilinx Community Forums:


    • The MicroZed Chronicles by Adam Taylor: Processor Solutions

    MicroBlaze Quick Start Guide: