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    Sometimes, being a box of electronics can be a hard life, especially if you are a box of electronics in the Just Encase Design Challenge!


    Hammond Manufacturing and the element14 Community invite you to come up with the best remote monitoring solution, AND put it into a really hazardous environment.


    Will you push your project to its limits?


    The Challenge


    The element14 Community is pleased to introduce the Just Encase Design Challenge, in partnership with Hammond Manufacturing. Submit your application with a summary describing the remote monitoring project of your choice, with a focus on subjecting your project to harsh environmental conditions like extreme temperatures, water exposure, debris like dust or dirt, and more. Use the provided Arduino MKR WAN 1300, keep the project safe using one of Hammond's enclosures, and show yourself putting it through its paces!


    Want to jet wash your project, bury it in snow, or blast it with sand at the beach? We want to see a video or photos of the before and after!


    20 challengers will be selected to receive the FREE enclosure kit to help protect their projects from the cruel, cruel world.


    What can you build?

    Example applications could include:


    • Beach-side Tide Monitoring
    • Industrial Plant Predictive Maintenance Device
    • Freezer Humidity Monitoring System
    • Outdoor Stadium Crowd Monitor
    • Quarry Conditions Monitor


    The Sponsored Kit Buy KitBuy KitThe Specs
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    Enclosure Case

    1554UGY1554UGY Water Tight ABS 200x120x90 Enclosure
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    Enclosure Case

    1554H2GYCL1554H2GYCL IP68 60x119x180 PolyCarbonate Enclosure
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    Electronics Part (x2)

    The Arduino MKR WAN 1300  has a selection of Arduino compatible sensors
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    Cable Gland

    A selection of Hammond Cable Glands
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    Other Recommended Parts


    Be Rewarded on the Community

    For entering and taking part in the Design Challenge competition, you'll be rewarded the following badges:


    badgeApply to join the Design Challenge and receive a badge and points for applying! Make sure you've thought your application through, made it original and your own work. If you are building upon someone else's work, make sure you cite your sources. Direct copies of work will not be accepted.
    badgePost your first blog! We expect updates on how your Design Challenge project is going, so don't hold back! Tell us your thoughts, difficulties, and how you're progressing. Remember that you're assessed based upon your updates, and don't be afraid - other challengers and members are there to help you with any problems you might have, and it helps the staff to keep an eye on you!
    55 blogs! Wow, has it really been that long? We hope you'll keep us updated about your project at least once every two weeks, for 10 weeks. We won't be impressed if you only put a one-liner in there; that's what messages are for. Blogs are to make sure you're giving us all of the juicy detail, trials and tribulations of what's going on, and it keeps everyone honest!
    badgeEven if you're not a challenger in the Design Challenge, we appreciate every member who joins in and gives a helping hand to applicants and members. If your messages are found to be helpful, we want to acknowledge that and reward you!


    The Prizes


    PrizePrize Category

    Grand Prize

    Sony PlayStation 5

    Grand Prize

    And you win everything in the Runner Up Prize as well!


    Approximate Value $1,050 USD*

    • Sony PlayStation 5
    • Luxury Earthquake Survival Kit
    • Survival Shelter
    • Vehicle Fire Extinguisher

    Runner Up

    Runner Up Prize

    Approximate Value $150 USD*

    • Luxury Earthquake Survival Kit
    • Survival Shelter
    • Vehicle Fire Extinguisher

    Finisher Prize**

    Finisher Prize

    To be a finisher you must complete 5 blogs and show us testing the resilience of their project.

    Approximate Value $20 USD*


    • Vehicle First Aid Kit

    *Or local equivalent

    **Grand Prize and Runner Up winners also earn the finisher prize.


    The Judges


    Hammond Manufacturing
            Technical Judge Team
    element14 Community Judges
            element14 Community Team


    Need help? Comment and read the resources below:


    The Dates


    Project PhasesDates
    Application Period1st - 31st October 2021
    Application Deadline31st October 2021 EOD
    Challengers Announced15th November 2021
    Build Period15th November 2021 - 1st February 2022
    Projects Due1st February 2022
    Winners AnnouncedFebruary 2022
    Prizes ShippedFebruary 2022


    The Terms


    Selected official applicants will be chosen to receive the "Kit" listed above. These successful applicants will be our sponsored challengers, and they must use a Hammond enclosure within their project, and publish their final code and designs on the Community for others to use. Those not chosen as sponsored challengers may also join the competition and be eligible to win prizes, but they must base their projects around the kit listed above and adhere to all terms and conditions of the challenge.

    Applicants must post their progress and final project as at least 5 blog posts before the closing date (see above), when projects are due.

    Projects that use the enclosure most creatively, along with posts that are media rich with photos, videos, and code samples will be viewed more favorably in the judging process.

    Please read the full terms and conditions of the challenge, attached below.


    Ready to join the challenge? Then apply here!


    If you are not successful in becoming a sponsored challenger, but still want to enter, all you need to do is use the Kit as described above in your project and adhere to the same Terms and Conditions for a chance to be our winner! Non-sponsored challengers are eligible for the Finisher and Winner Prizes, as well.