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    1) Multimode fiber optic cable has a larger core and is typically used in________ distance runs within buildings. Single mode fiber optic cable has a smaller core and is used in ______ distance runs, typically outside between buildings.



    2) To transfer signals from one end to another, copper cabling uses electricity, while fiber optic cabling uses _________.



    3) There are two main types of fiber optic cable: single mode and multimode. There are ______ versions of multimode fiber available since 2017.



    4) A simplex fiber cable is constructed with ________.



    5) A cable, connector, or adapter that is classified with an Ingress Protection (IP) number of IP67 is ___________.



    6) Which of the following is NOT a typical fiber optic connector type?



    7) Back reflection is the measure of light reflected off the polished end of the fiber connector. Back reflection is measured in _____________.



    8) The amount of back reflection is affected by the type of polish used. Which of the following is NOT a type of polish used for fiber connectors?



    9) True or False: A fiber optic cable's core is surrounded by a special coating, called cladding, that keeps light from escaping the glass core.



    10) What type of fiber cable is commonly used for local area networks?



    11) While MMF cable allows for high bandwidth and high speed communications, because of its design, signal integrity can be compromised at longer distances due to ___________.



    12) True or False: Single mode fiber can use less expensive light sources, such as vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs), while multimode fiber requires more coherent laser light sources, such as Fabry-Perot (FB) and Distributed Feedback (DFB) lasers.



    13) A direct attach cable (DAC) is less expensive than an active optical cable; however, a DAC has the disadvantage of being _________________.



    14) True or False: Multimode fiber cable has a larger core than single mode fiber, allowing it to be used with longer laser wavelengths of 850nm. Longer wavelengths simplify light gathering, enabling the use of more cost-effective optics.



    15) Single mode fiber, while having longer range than multimode fiber, is generally limited by its _________________, or the difference in velocities between the different wavelengths of the propagating light, which can cause the spreading of the pulses and errors in the digital information.



    16) In order to support 100Gbps Ethernet, the IEEE 802.3ba specification calls for ______ parallel MMFs in each direction with a _______ fiber MPO connector.



    17) Chromatic dispersion of fiber tends to _____ with increasing wavelength.



    18) OM3 and OM4 cables have aqua jackets; OM5 cables have a distinctive ________ jacket.



    19) The MPO connectors in an L-com MPMM24OM5AR fiber optic cable are approximately the same size as an SC connector, but can offer up to ____ times the density.



    20) True or False: Multi-fiber conversion cables, such as MPM308-MPM212OM3R-1, enable network engineers to aggregate data links, as well as optimize their fiber utilization, eliminating unused fibers common in MPO-12 and MPO-8 deployments.



    21) The L-com FOTRM-LCU LC/UPC single mode fiber optic terminator uses ______ to reduce back reflection.



    22) L-com's Fiber Optic Bulkhead Attenuator uses ceramic ferrules to provide ______.



    23) The L-com FOC-MPMSM1230-YLSP0 is a yellow, short-boot, MPO male connector for 12 fiber single mode applications. What tells you that it is designed for single mode usage?



    24) L-com's FOC-LCSM0250-0S00 is a duplex uniboot LC fiber optic connector for use with _____mm single mode fiber.



    25) L-com MPO fiber optic connectors are designed for low insertion loss (IL), an important specification referring to __________.

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