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WEBINAR: Create, manage, and deploy low-power IoT devices

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Manage, monitor and control wireless networks via a simple cloud software platform - bringing value-added services to end customers.


NXP and Thingstream are hosting a two-part webinar series to address the four specific hurdles that many faces when designing and deploying wireless low-power networks:

1. Global Network Variants: When aiming to deploy a global wireless network, you must consider the different local wireless standards available in each country and/or region

2. Power Budget: The amount of power needed to collect, process and store locally, as well as the amount of power needed to connect and transmit data to/from the cloud

3. Maintenance Cost: The cost associated with maintaining the network

4. Output Value: Creating an effective way to collect, aggregate and process, or redistribute, the output of the network to ensure value is added


Thingstream's CTO Bruce Jackson and VP Business Development Neil Hamilton will dive deeper with NXP Semiconductors Regional Marketing Manager Gordon Padkin into the IoT device control and deployment, addressing technical requirements and include demos as we explore the platforms and tools available to help reduce the complexity of IoT deployments.


Register today for the Part 2:



You can check the Part 1of this webinar series: Building intelligent, low power, connected ‘things’ at a low-cost

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    May 29, 2018 11:00 AM CST (America/Chicago)
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    May 29, 2018 12:00 PM CST (America/Chicago)
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