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WEBINAR : Simplify developing Real-time, Secure and Asymmetric Applications on i.MX family with System Workbench for Linux - Part 1

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An innovation that greatly simplifies the construction, development and management of embedded Linux projects


SW4Linux has a powerful graphical interface. It allows defining the content of the platform, either by choosing the desired packages, or by selecting features or options and letting the tool choose the most appropriate packages, possibly approved by the developer. SW4Linux supports already most Yocto packages and, on request, Ac6 can add new packages, either importing their definition from Yocto or integrating them manually.



The first part of this webinar will answer the following questions :

• How to build a Linux platform, include an application, and debug it seamlessly

• How to master your Linux platform to optimize it to your needs and gain independence,

• How Ac6 and NXP can help you for your embedded Linux projects,

• How to jumpstart your first project with System workbench for Linux.



Agenda :

• Creating a platform from package library - DEMO: Platform Build

• Platform configurations

• Build system

• Packages

• Compiling and customizing the kernel - DEMO: Compiling a device tree

• Root File-System - DEMO: Adding a package to the rootfs

• Root File-System - DEMO: Adding a package to the rootfs

• Migrating from Yocto to SW4Linux

• Generating a secured image - DEMO: Signing an embedded Linux image

• Related AC6 Trainings & Tools



Part 2 – Date: October 8th,2020

• How the integration of SW4Linux and MCUXpresso will simplify asymmetric multicore system development and debug,

• Real Time Plugin: Measure the execution time of a function on Linux, FreeRTOS and Baremetal

• Linux Drivers: Driver Creation Wizard and Debugging Support



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    Sep 24, 2020 3:00 AM CDT (America/Chicago)
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    Sep 24, 2020 4:15 AM CDT (America/Chicago)
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