cubex bball.jpg

The CubeX with a 3D printed basketball. Looks fantastic. (via 3D Systems)


3D Systems is helping the evolution of 3D printers by releasing some new sleek printers at this year's CES. One of those printers called CubeX, is aimed directly for tech enthusiasts, serious hobbyist, educators, and entrepreneurs. With a build platform that can handle up to 1,030 cubic inches(about the average volume of a basketball) and a reasonable price tag of $2,499 this may be the best available option if your looking for a 3D printer.



The printer can handle either PLA or ABS plastics and print in 3 different resolutions from high definition, 125 microns, to standard definition, 500 microns. Additionally, it also offers a choice of three different print densities: light, medium, and solid. What makes this printer aesthetically stand out from other desktop printers is the sleek clear enclosure it sits in; also including a touchscreen interface with quick, intuitive software to make printing objects as easy as possible. To connect to the printer users can use either a USB flash drive or directly connect their computer to it through the same USB hub.



3D Systems is also committed to making the 3D printing process as sustainable as possible. Empty cartridges can be sent back for a discount on new ones, and they also will accept 3D prints from users to be recycled properly. Likewise, they are also offering services to users such as Registering on the website is free and will give you access to Cube experts, available 16 hours a day, along with any updates and cloud printing services.



Cathy Lewis, CMO of 3D Systems, commented, “We are proud to unveil the ultimate desktop 3D printer and to offer it on our consumer platform Cubify, where prosumers can work and play in one place without sacrificing their professional needs or desires for fun printing.” If anyone is interested in this printer the company is beginning to accept orders that will begin to ship on February 8th. Buying one will also get you 3 free cartridges, 25 free prints, and Cubify Invent design software. As interested as I am in 3D printers I think most people will be playing the waiting game along with me. I'm sure everyone remembers  the time when laser ink jet printers were beginning to sell for around this same price. In the meantime,  it is nice to watch the 3D printing world begin to emerge.