I met Matthew of Tessaract Industrial at the Make: Hardware Innovation Workshop and Maker Faire Bay Area 2013:


He has a Raspberry Pi embedded in his 3D printer:


He is also developing software for the Raspberry Pihttp://www.element14.com/community/community/raspberry-pi which will perform "slicing" calculations using the Pi's GPU so that a separate PC isn't needed.  An Arduino is used for motor control and connects via USB to Pi for serial communication.



Former The specified item was not found., Jeff McAlvay, showed off an UltiMaker 3D Printer he modified into a Pick and Place machine (essentially a robot that assembles circuit boards):


It's a prototype of his vision for an Electronics Factory device.  Further details are available on his company website, Tempo Automation:

13 - 3.jpg

Jeff was using a full Linux x86 laptop to control the Electronics Factory prototype, so I gave him a BeagleBone Black which should fit better into his form factor.


I met MakerBot co-founder Zach Hoeken who now is program director for the HAXLR8R.  It's an exciting hardware startup accelerator which gives each team $25,000 and sends them to Shenzen, China, for 4 months to develop their product.  I had the good fortune to attend their demo day in SF: photos and videos


He told me he thinks the BeagleBone Black is the future of 3D Printers since it has integrated programmable real-time units (PRU) which can precisley control stepper motor without the need of an external microcontroller.  I gave him one to take back to the HAXLR8R lab in Shenzen, and hope to see future HAXLR8R teams designing 3D printers or CNC devices around the BeagleBone Black.


At the Make: Hardware Innovation Workshop Innovation Showcase, I was very impressed by OtherFab's OtherMill: a CNC mill that makes it easy to create your own circuit boards quickly:



It allows for some pretty novel designs, too:


Brook Drumm, founder Printrbot, showed the new Simple which will be $299 and released this summer:

13 - 1.jpg

He also said they are developing a stereolithography printer which will use the Raspberry Pi to provide a web interface.