Howdy - I attended the Inside 3D Printing Expo in Chicago last week.  There was a wide array of commercial 3D printers (e.g. additive manufacturing) but the most jaw-dropping for me was the Mcor IRIS:


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It took me awhile to grasp what was going on with this machine.  Their software slices a full color 3D model into layers that are printed by a normal inkjet printer onto regular copier paper.  The stack of paper is then loaded into the Mcor IRIS where it is feed into the machine one sheet at a time:


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Here is the the inkjet printer and MCor IRIS feeder in action:



The IRIS then makes precision cuts of each sheet and apply glue to bind the pages together:



The objects that emerge from the ream of paper feel very solid, and it's hard to believe their composition is just copier paper:

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It's so life-like that Google Photos recognizes it as a face and asks if I want to tag a person in my photo!


Here's a close-up of the different types of objects printed with the MCor IRIS:



One of the novel applications of printer-based 3D printer is 3D wedding photos!

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