Dear Group,

I am working for Leonar3Do International. My aim is to establish an online, 3D sculpting app for easy 3D printing and for fun. The site allows users to co-create each others designs. I would be more than happy if you would visit the site and give feedback about You can create 3D objects, explore and shape on thousands of them and even print them in 3D by Sculpteo. Here is one great model for example:

The idea behind the software is to give the easiest 3D sculpting tool and a community based game experience to the makers of the 21 century. This new way of virtual sculpting is but a part of evolutionary modeling, where all users can share creative designs and further shape ones pieces of art. If users fancy any object to put on their shelves, Leopoly is the easiest, most fun and most intuitive tool to prepare files for 3D printing. Users can start designing almost immediately and make 3D printable files in minutes.


Leopoly is the only tool available which can also be used in a full 3D immersive mode with the Leonar3Do VR Hardware Kit. This lets users to break out of the 2D approach and work in virtual space using head tracked goggles and the Bird, the first 3D mouse.


“With Leopoly we break down boundaries. Leopoly narrows the gap between hardly reachable level of proficiency and novice enthusiasts in 3D design and printing” said Roland Mányai Director of Sales and Marketing. “Our goal was to make this project on a web based platform, to open doors to anyone and make it reachable literally anywhere for a wider community of makers and to make 3D modeling FUN.”  


In addition, I am proud to say, that Leopoly also works in 3D (anaglyph/polarized mode)! What is more, you can even paint objects online, which is also a worlds first.

We are also lending out over a 1000 USD at a contest -

I would be more than happy if you would visit the site and give feedback about it.


All the best,