At Chicago hackerspace Pumping Station: One, Bart Dring runs MachineKit on BeagleBone Black:


BeagleBone LinuxCNC blog

MachineKit is a "a turn-key BeagleBone SD Card image, based on Robert C Nelson's omap-image-builder scripts and the LinuxCNC machine control software to allow easy experimentation and to promote the use of LinuxCNC in the 3D printer and maker communities."


Bart has the BBB control stepper motors connected via his DIY version of the BeBoPr cape:



Here is LinuxCNC in action:



My YouTube playlist:


MachineKit: LinuxCNC on BeagleBone Black (Pumping Station: One's CNC night)


Bart has now developed a PCB which he named Rosseta Bone - a "universal" CNC translator for BeagleBone Black:


CNC Translator for BeagleBone



Finally, although LinuxCNC has CNC in the name, LinuxCNC can also run 3D printer.  The creator of MachineKit demostrates: