iOS Thingiverse app. It is really hard to NOT buy something in the market. (via iTunes)


Makerbot has released an app for those that looking to gain some insight for 3D printing projects or unique gifts, especially since the holiday season is just around the corner. Mobile devices play a big part in today’s fast-paced world and people every day turn to those devices to search for new products or projects while on the go. Makerbot’s Thingiverse is a website for makers who share their digital designs with others of the same community through open-sourced hardware schematics. Mostly, it is set up to sell parts and make money. The site is arguably the largest repository of 3D printed designs on the planet, so users looking for new ideas are sure to find something that will spark their interests. The iOS app was designed for just that, to help users plan and then share their new projects. Users are required to sign up and register a new account or use an already existing account to access the sites content. More people are only online in a mobile capacity – smooth move by Makerbot.

After logging in, users then have access to Thingivers’s database of goodies, with recent uploads showcased and navigated through using a swipable interface. There is also a slide-out navigation bar that allows users to access their accounts as well as app settings. The ‘Explore’ section is the meat of the site, which has all the 3D designs (complete with pictures) arranged from newest to popular designs as well as featured content for any specific category. Each design is complete with all the necessary code for users to print out their creations correctly and completely the first time without the trial and error process some projects have encountered. The downside is that the app itself will not allow users to interact with 3D printers directly but rather saves the design code for use later when needed. Now if they could just incorporate 3D printing technology inside the mobile device themselves...



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