Print Everything You Imagine


You can print everything you imagine, whether it is your dream car models, handy guns, your cute figurines, sweet home models. Can you create yourself a 3d printer? Is it possible for a general user who don’t know much about electronics ? Answer is yes if you are ready to spend just few hundred dollars and some hours.


Time taken to build a 3d printer


One of customers Roger and Binny have built a 3d printer together from the scratch. They create some pretty stuffs with their 3d printer kit. Those are little bird, ring, Eiffel tower, a dice cube etc.

For non technical users, there are many assembled print ready 3d printers are available in market, but what you miss is the thrill of creating your own 3dprinter. You can also save more hundred dollars when using do it yourself Kits.


Build your own 3d printer

These guys (Roger and Binny) 3d printed a cube dice for not more than 8 hours which is not so bad.


Working of a 3d priner


I am going to explain the working of 3d printer, all 3d printers are comprises of internal hardware and operating software. All items you see externally such as nozzle, extruders, print plate, rods, electronics, etc comes in to the hardware category. Software is a printing program interface which sends commands to printer for making 3d printing objects.


There are more free open source printing softwares are available online. Most popular softwares are Print Run (Pronterface), Repetier Host, Replicator G. You also need proper slicer software to create layers of your 3d print object. The most popular open source slicer is Slic3r software.


You have to do the early scaffolding process when begin the process, some prefer to laser cuts from plywood. You can do screwing on rest of the parts. Power supply is needed as usual like the other devices. Nozzle extruder should be equipped with some small motors drive and a stack of electronic circuits boards which commands the movement of the parts.


There are lot of tutorials available in the internet to guide the assembly process step by step which may takes anywhere between 8 to 24 hours.


Then it is software’s job. It will do three processes such as view 3d models , edit the 3d diagrams, it converts those diagrams in to commands to the printer then slicer software slices the file in to horizontal pieces that 3d printer received via the command.


You are now ready to take your first 3d print. Either you can create your own 3d models from popular cad design softwares or you can download from .stl library websites like thingiverse., there you can find more number of 3d model .stl files available for free download.


After you created the .stl file or downloaded one from the web resource, you have to connect your 3d printer to your PC computer via USB cable. Then you have to open the printing software and import the .stl file you created or downloaded and make sure it is fit on the size of your window frame. A 3d printer can make multiple 3d models simultaneously but it is difficult or mostly impossible to print bigger than itself with a single non stop print. Then click print and wait to see the outcome.


Assembled 3d printer

Now you completed the 3d printer assembly and start building parts. Please remember you can also make parts of your next 3d printer , this what we called 3d printer is a Replicator.


Common Terminology Used in 3D Printing :


Printing Filament : These are the plastic strings. These strings are injected to 3d printer nozzle to produce hot plastic where all 3d models are made up of. Generally printing filaments are bio degradable , easily dissolvable and stronger types like the plastic where dices are made up of.


Nozzle Extruder : This is the part where heated plastic squeezed out to the print plate. It requires cooling kit fan.


.STL / .OBJ : These are the file formats of 3d CAD model file. It commands the printer to make model via the printing software.


RAMPS/GEN6/RUMBA : They are the stack of electronic circuit boards which is brain of every 3d printers responsible for all printing process.