3D printing technology need to be introduced to very young minds for early learning, tinkering, adoption, so todays kids will be turned to tomorrow’s 3d printing professionals. It is very gorgeous to see kids first enthusiastic reaction on using the 3d printer for first time in their home with their favorite gadgets like iphones, ipads.


The Mission Street Manufacturing company targets kids creativity appetite by introducing new Printeer K-12 3D Printer which is already introduced in kickstarter campaign reaching many kids and their parents.


Printeer is a nicely designed 3d printer for kids in mind. The printer dimension is 16X9X12 inches which is equal to 406X229X305mm, which is the perfect compact structure for kids to carry and see the 3d printing in action inside. This printer is only supports PLA which is nontoxic, pleasant smell plastic filament which is good for kids. It comes with easy to change print plates sizes about 150X100X125mm. The most important feature is auto print plate calibration levelling and wifi connectivity.


3D Printeer can be operated and controlled by kids very favorite device iPad. They developed the printing software ipad app to make 3d objects and send commands to 3d print. This is the perfect platform made between physical and digital systems. Many kids are now very fond of digital systems rather than physical ones. Hope this will break the barrier in between in them and increases kids creativity on 3d printing technology.


The fund raisers on their kick starter campaign may get this 3D Printeer for low as $549 if the manufacturer can able to raise $50000 targeted fund budget in kickstarter to start their production. They should work hard to produce each and every machines to comply with rules and does not crosses the children’s safety limits. If this project to be successful, hope they cracked the market of all schools who needs to learn this technology very easier. They have the responsibility not only making easier hardware but also easy to operate user friendly software.


This 3d printer specially designed for classrooms. Think about it, if every class rooms of every schools have this 3d printeer in their desks, the mission street manufacturing’s goal will be easily achieved. Yes undoubtedly this is the 3d printer made for shaping future generation techies.


Source: www.3dprintersonlinestore.com/3d-pinter-made-for-shaping-future-generation-techies