Remember being a child and needing to have a popsicle in the shape of Sonic the Hedgehog, or a Clown with the bubblegum nose? – well this MIT invention is meant to take us all back to our youth and get kids excited about computing.


Although, I think it’s safe to say that kids and adults alike are able to get excited about ice cream, unless you have the unfortunate affliction of being lactose intolerant.


MIT students, who either had too much time on their hands or think creating 3D printers is akin to watching Walking Dead on Netflix, created this homemade 3D ice cream printer.

3d ice cream.jpg

A test of the finished product. (via MIT)


The picture below shows how these students repurposed household items to become a 3D ice cream printer which has the ability to create some fun and tasty shapes. Who could have known that a freezer and Cuisinart soft serve machine could become high tech?. Atlhough, I suppose if you have a liquid nitrogen tank on hand and a solidoodle, anything could be possible in the frozen food 3D printing world.


The soft serve machine and liquid nitrogen tank work together to freeze the ice cream on demand. Then the ice cream is fed into the solidoodle 3D printer as a printing material where it becomes a 3D edible shape. Finally, you can only hope that the freezer is cold enough to keep these treats frozen for long enough to enjoy all the effort.


I would be over the moon if these MIT students create 3D printed funnel cake next and top it with their ice cream creations. It seems that 3D ice cream may just be the first stop for edible printer products, but perhaps not the last. I see a trend on the rise for Michelin star chefs. Or, perhaps the latest cooking robots will be adopting these ideas. However, there are many more effective and less time consuming ways to get the same job done, for instance: walking to the convenient store.


These MIT students are hoping that this invention gets kids excited about computing by appealing to their "tummies."


3d ice cream schematic.png

A schematic of the 3D ice cream printer