Christophe Vidal’s artist design named ‘Trixie.’ One of many innovative artists’ designs based on the My Little Pony Hasbro collection available at shapeways (via Christophe Vidal)


Hasbro is initiating a first in toy history by licensing out their intellectual property to artists who wish to create and sell their own innovative twists on Hasbro collections – under the “SuperFanArt” initiative.


A few lucky artist ‘SuperFans’ were already accepted by Hasbro to create and sell their own 3D printed art, inspired by the My Little Pony licensed collection. Most of these fun twists on the original My Little Pony designs are 3D printed and available for purchase on


However – you may hold your breath now – Hasbro is expected to release other IP designs to artists under license agreements. This means that you can be the proud owner or creator of your very own zany Mr. Potato Head, scandalous GI Joe, or even a chain-smoking Oscar the Grouch. These are just my ideas on what I would find hilarious, but now anyone can feel free to rally artists to create their own twists on the classics. Since Christmas is coming, I see a new trend in Christmas stocking gifts on the rise.


The other license collections which could be added soon to the SuperFanArt mix include: G.I. Joe, Sesame Street, Jurassic Park, Mr. Potato Head, Transformers, Tinkertoys, Star Wars, Parker Brothers, Tonka, and Wizards of the Coast.

Pokemon fans are out of luck though, because Hasbro does not own the rights to the 3D printed toy designs. I am pretty bummed about that one. I would definitely buy a Hogwarts inspired Pikachu…after a few whiskeys and a tax refund check,– of course. Right now, the My Little Pony SuperFanArt costs between $49 and $100, which is steep for 3D Printed Toys. But I suppose some people buy paintings at art galleries, and others buy ‘Trixie’ the My Little Pony witch with attitude.


To browse the selection of SuperFanArt available, you can visit Kids win on this one!



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