Vector PLA 3D

Vector PLA 3D helps in creating the world of infinite possibilities by converting the computer design to real life tailored made objects e.g. (Cell phone covers, Fashion accessories, Jewelry, Wallet, Headphones, Speakers, DJ Desk, Interior Designed models, Toys, Eye Wear, Coffee Cups, Clock, Hanging Lights, Camera Lens, Flute, Acoustic Guitar, High heel shoes, , Gears, Medical Models, Architecture models, Engineering models, Sculptures and much more to check out on our Community page) These objects have an aesthetic value, can be felt and used instantly.

A 3D Printer for a smarter, simpler and developed life which understands the value of creativity and believes in the importance of an effortless experience. Understanding what matters most to us for "Touching Every Dream", the Vector PLA 3D - 3D Printer was developed to redefine the way we create, live and to maximize our fulfillment of life.


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Step 1: Log in or register on element14, it's easy and free.

Step 2: Post in the comments section below how would you map 3D Printer in to our real life applications (Explain the Project with Technical, Time & Commercial benefits) and why you should be selected to receive it. Videos, pictures and text are all welcomed forms of submission.

Step 3: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! We will accept entries until 6:00pm IST November 10, 2014 and announce our winner November 25, 2014. If you need something to do between now and then make sure to check out what is happening around the world


Important Notice:

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Terms and Conditions Apply

  • Individuals will be selected to receive the above mentioned product on the basis of the quality of the submission of idea or application as determined by a panel of J Group Robotics Community Team members.
  • Individuals selected to receive the product will be required to submit a blog featuring a photo or video of the build. Additional content is encouraged.
  • Failure by a selected individual to participate in accordance with the parameters of the giveaway, provided no reasonable cause for this inability to participate is given, may result in exclusion from future giveaways.