3D printing has brought serious innovation to all industries that rely on manufacturing processes. With electronic production generally being outsourced and not so much under personal control, the oversight and specification of electronics is more-so a take it or leave it kind of market. Customization in hardware is usually expensive, or hard to come by if not and requires some sort of insider connection.


With 3D printers and additive manufacturing technologies, there is no doubt that personalization is now more possible than ever. As 3D printing technology is more accessible to individuals and business alike, the capability for an array of people to choose what and how they produce things is ideal for the experienced makers and the novice as well.


Graphene is a conductive material that is able to be printed along with plastic, with this ability the sky is the limit. Manufacturing your very own circuit boards, lamps, or even a gaming system is possible for those inclined.


3D Printing with Graphene Filament is making waves for us makers, do some research on the topic and find out that there is so much to look forward to in circuitry.


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