Hello element14 community!


Having recently found out that I have been blessed with a 3D Printer through element14's giveaway, I have decided to document my progress in various blog posts, starting with this one.

Now, I am extremely grateful for being chosen, because these things are not cheap to buy at all - so thank you, I have been looking into the technology for a long time and now I can try it firsthand.


Having never tried a 3D Printer before, this will be interesting for me to see what happens and what I learn along the way, so if you are also new to the technology then keep up with the posts - you might learn something.


Anyways, onwards to the first thing related that I would suggest for every Velleman K8200 owner.

If you take a look at the Velleman forum under the support sections, one thing that comes up often is the levelling of the bed - it will either dip or bulge in the center. The solution?


Get a glass plate. Seriously, they are not that expensive and they will improve the quality of your prints. Mine arrived today.




There is not much else I can say until the 3D Printer arrives, so more to come soon. But in the meantime - the next post will be on my Medical Monitoring System plan.


TL;DR: Thank you to element14 for running the 3D Printer Giveaway, and get a glass plate.