On a dark raining and glooming day, my world became much brighter when the UPS truck pulled up in front of the house.

What could it be, I said to myself.  Then I saw the driver run up the driveway and place this big box on my doorstep.


Sure enough, it was from Element 14, my new PrintBot 2.0.  Again, I want to thank Element 14 and the makers of PrintBot for this wonderful gift.


I will link in pictures later, but first I had to open the box and behold my new tool.

One slight snag, the final assembly instructions are on line.  It makes sense, you only need them once, but it is an extra step.

So I took inventory and took pictures and then logged into Element 14 to let them know my printer arrived safe and sound.


Next stop, the PrintBot website for the assembly instructions.


By coincidence, the printer came from MCM electronics, where I had just visited a couple of weeks ago for their Tent Sale.

I got to see the PrintBot in action in the show room and picked up some nice tools inexpensively.


So this is all I have now, but rest assured, more will follow.