After opening the box, I went to the website to get the unboxing instructions.


When I got to the directions, I quickly found that they were not for the printer I received.

I spent a lot of  time searching the site until I found the right instructions for my printer, so I give the Website a C-, difficult to use.


Trying to follow the instructions, I had a bit of difficulty.  As some of you know, I am currently suffering from a medication issue and even though I have a Masters degree and 40 years of engineering experience, I struggled to follow the terse directions.  So the instructions also get a C-.


So I finally got the printer ready and downloaded the software.

Following the instructions, I discovered that all of the screen shots are from a different model of the software.  User instructions also get a C-.


I did finally get everything set up to the point were I could use the manual controls and started a print, which I quickly aborted.  I had forgotten to prepare the print surface.

Well the software did not like being told to stop, so it blew up, while the printer continued on its merry way.  After a couple of attempts, I finally managed to get the printer stopped.


So while the printer comes assembled and ready to use, there should be a slight caveat.  Some assembly still required.


If you are just a user wanting to get into a 3D printer, I would have a tech friend come over and set this printer up.

If you are really good a deciphering cryptic instructions, then you can probably put this one together, just be warned.  I found it challenging with my current fuzzy head.


So now, here are the pictures:



Sorry about the fuzzy image, but I was not using a tripod.



Yes, this is with a tripod.  Now, there are four well hidden zip ties that you have to cut and two wooden boards that come out.



After cutting the zip ties and removing the two shipping supports, you can put the bed down and begin to set the printer up for use.



Almost ready for hook up.



Ok, now it is ready for hook up.


Over all, I found the printer well made.  The laser cut wood looks flimsy, but all of the mechanical parts are very well engineered and when I reset the printer, everything went to the right locations.




That is all for today.

Tomorrow, I will see if I can get the printer to do its first print.


Until then, sweet dreams of objects made in the future.