element 14 bestows prestigious badges on members, with different badges signifying various accomplishments.

This project is an attempt materialize these badges, but rather than simply printing out a colour image of the badges this project will design and print 3D medallions.

To showcase the various badges on the desktop, a business card holder was designed that can accommodate up to 6 medallions, one in each of the circular pockets.

Here is an image of the card holder and some images of typical 3D badges:


Hopefully it will be obvious which badge each of these 3D objects represents ....




These objects were designed in 123D Design from Autodesk.

Here you can see some animations of the objects...


Is there any interest in having element 14 supply such medallions?

What size is big enough to showcase the accomplishment without being too ostentatious?

Here is a picture of a first attempt to 3D print the badges - I did not select the correct fill factor, so some parts are not filled in properly - I will post better versions as I get them...and maybe add a little paint.


Update: Here are the same prints with a little paint on them:


These were printed using a Cel Robox printer - you can view my video review and some other prints here: