Hi All,


I finally had some time to make some adjustments to the Printerbot Jr.

Unfortunately I changed two things at once, so I will need to run another test.


To recap, the last part print test I ran resulted in a product where the bottom layers did not fuse together, causing the layers to separate.

Following the suggestions from some of the members, I adjusted the injector temperature to 206 degrees.

That change will keep the filament at a higher temperature as it flows out of the nozzle and onto the printed part.

I also changed the federate to 50 instead of 100.  The federate controls the amount of filament that is pushed into the injector.  I now realize that I made a dumb mistake, I should have increased it, not decreased it.


The result was still a little stringy at the bottom, but the upper print looked to be more solid, so I am going to set the federate back to its default value to see if I get a better print.


So I am making progress towards getting a printed part with the correct level of fusion.


Like any tool, the 3D printer takes time to understand and use properly.

From my experience, you need to play with the settings to get things to the point were you like the print.


I was disappointed that there was not a note from the factory identifying the settings used for the test print the shipped.

Those settings would give me a data point for where the printer needed to be set up.

So do not expect an assembled and ready to run printer to be 100% ready.   Yes it does print, but it is not quite ready yet.


More later,