This Roadtest has been done on an "Engineering Release" version of the product so there may be differences to the released product


For my first few prints I thought I'd make some toys for the family, the results would not be critical and they should give the printer a bit of a work out.


Before each print the printer does a short purge of the print material and cleans the tip using the little wiper at the front, it's important to clean this off periodically otherwise the nozzle will grab take this blob of plastic away with it on the next print and that will make a right mess.


Train Track


As this print started up, I knew that I did not have good adhesion to the bed but I thought I continue anyway as so far I'd not managed to print anything at all.


Although this was a bit touch and go to start with but the nozzles did not snag on the flapping ends.


The bridging for the trackbed was successful and the part infill worked well, however as the part continued to print the corners started to lift off the bed.


However, given that this was just a toy the end results were not too important, the end results are below.

Top, side and pre-tidied bottom. Once the "brim" had been trimmed off with the supplied chisels the bottom of the part looked pretty respectable.

FinshedTop.jpg FinishedSide.jpgFinishedBottom.jpg


Balanced Die


This part was selected to check dimensional accuracy, I'll be writing a further post on that once I've printed some other parts.

I scaled this model so that it would be 30mm so that I could then measure that it was accurately reproduced. There was good adhesion to the bed and it seemed to start ok, however as the print progressed it was clear that the corners were curling up again as the printer was rubbing against these as it printed the perimeter. Apart from this the print went well.


The One was the Top of the print with the Six being the layer lying on the bed.



Motorbike Jigsaw


The model told me that it was going to take 7hrs to print so I thought I'd scale it to 50% that also allowed me to put all of the parts on the bed rather than having it split over three prints, as previous mentioned the software did not managed to auto layout the parts.


Before I printed this one I had a horrific noise from the printer, it sounded like the extruder was slipping, I managed to pause before any serious problem occurred. The filament would not feed after this so I ejected it chopped off everything that felt rough and re-fed the filament, the printer seemed to load correctly after that. However, it turned out that all was not fine and my bowden tube had popped out of the printer and the filament rather than going into the head was spooling out into the build chamber.


CEL responded quickly to my twitter message and are sending me an upgraded tube which looks a bit like the following.