This Roadtest has been done on an "Engineering Release" version of the product so there may be differences to the released product


Fan issue

CEL told me that the strange fan issue from the last post was a known issue with these engineering release printers and was caused by a MOSFET failing due to high voltages when the fan is turned off.


New Bed

CEL also sent me a new bed with a different texture. Installing a new bed was very straight forward, simply unclip the old one and slot the new one it. The bed heater is separate from the bed so you don't need to do any rewiring etc.


The old bed is on the right of the picture, the new one to the left, you can just tell that it's smoother in texture.


Only a simple alcohol wipe was needed to prepare the bed.


Latest AutoMaker Software

Whilst I was chatting to CEL on Twitter they also commented that there was an updated version of AutoMaker I could take a look at.


  • Cura is now the default slicer - you can change between Cura and Slic3r on a system-wide basis or per-profile
  • The GUI has had the first of a series of major changes, paving the way for more functions and easier use
  • Calibration has had a major update and now includes XY calibration
  • Language preference can be chosen in the preferences screen (press the cog at the top-right). It takes effect the next time you run AutoMaker.
  • All of the profiles and macros have been updated for improved results.
  • Improvements in homing, levelling


It's still a release candidate so there are some issue but CEL thought it might be better for screenshots than the previous release. I tried out the calibration, there are easy to follow step by step instructions and my nozzle alignment produce a very high quality print.

Calibration.png CalibrationResults.jpg

Automaker now has some nice tool tips on the buttons and hints when your filament spool is not correctly loaded etc. It makes it easier to understand what's going on. There's also nice big buttons to turn the ambient light off so I can get better photos although I still need a bit of practice at that

The new bed and software made printing a lot simpler and my latest print, a phone stand has printed very well with no curling or warping. To form the pivot the printer has to bridge between the two sides effectively printing in thin air. It did that very well, much better than it had done on the double helix in my last print session. There was a tiny bit of clean up to do on the pivot so that it clipped together and swivelled properly but otherwise an excellent result first time.

Printer to be returned

It was the intention of CEL and Element14 for us to RoadTest the production printers so this particular printer will be boxed up and sent back to be fixed and refurbished. This means there will be a pause in this series of blog posts but there should be even better results when it returns.