During the Enchanted Objects design challenge I learnt quite a few things about 3D printing and OpenSCAD, I thought I'd summarise and share them here. My posts in this challenge were all themed with a running story hence the strange titles. My printer is the Cel Robox which I received earlier in the year for a roadtest, this was my first exposure to 3D printing.


Failure to making parts that clip together, self tapping screw to make moving joints

Enchanted Objects Design Challenge - The Woodcutter and the Blacksmith


The above parts in action

Servo and mechanics in action


A fibre optic adapter for the Arduino Yún

Enchanted Objects Design Challenge - The Crystal Cave


Simple window frame

Enchanted Objects Design Challenge - Windows 10


Standoffs, printing first time, Wifi and Power buttons with embossed logos

A bit of 3D Printing


From earlier in the year, my review of the Robox



All the models I created and the source OpenSCAD script can be seen here