Looking fresh... The NX1 Nexa3D resin printer that is selling for almost half the price (via Nexa3D)

Just when you think the ‘prosumer’ 3D printing trend will diminish, it just gets better… or perhaps just different. This new gadget, called the NX1 by Nexa3D, is set to hit the market in March 2016 will be the fastest 3D printer on the market – boasting a speed of only one minute for each cm at the highest resolution. This is the equivalent to at least 25 times faster than the fastest 3D printers on the market. Their website demonstrates them creating 1 inch high, 3D objects in about 3 mins at resolutions of about 120 microns. It’s certainly very different than the usual hours of waiting for a conventional 3D printer… however it is also more expensive. 


It works using a hybrid, resin tank technology that uses light to harden special resin that is slowly extruded from the tank while mechanical arms move the object around – instead of an extrusion hose applying each layer. However, the NX1 does both by depositing resin in layers if the object size become too large. The printer has photo-curing resin in specialized cartridges that are changed in the similar way you would change a toner cartridge on a laser printer. It is also supposed to be self-cleaning and has a unibody construction that should hopefully avoid messy mishaps. It also automatically refills the cartridge with any unused resin.


The NX1 can be pre-ordered now on their website ( for €1,599. A pack of 3 resin cartridges and 3 self-lubricating films can be purchased for €300 with free shipping. There is no word on what the price will go up to after pre-ordering closes, but it was suspected to retail at $1,850. While this is not as cheap as a Makerbot, it is surprisingly cheaper than a similar Morpheus 3D printer that recently got funded on Kickstarter. This machine cost early birds a whopping $3,800! The Morpheus shipped out last month, so hopefully happy recipients will have had time to play with their new toy.


In addition to requiring resin cartridges, it also requires lubricating film that self-lubricate each sublayer so that your creation doesn’t stick to the build platform. This is what Nexa3D calls their, LSPc technology. The company said that they tested their printer for 500 hours so they are confident that it should work as expected. For now, it seems like the race is on for the next superfast printer. It also seems like what is new for today, is already obsolete as Morpheus 3D printer purchasers may be regretting not holding out for this deal… or the inevitable next deal.


The nice thing about the NX1 is that it has Bluetooth and WiFi built-in and already has apps that allow you to design and print from your phone, tablet, or laptop. It also seems to have less moving parts than most 3D printers, which could theoretically mean less opportunities for it to break down – but who knows. I kind of wonder who has the extra time and money to make good enough use of a 3D printer anyway. I suppose the other strange upside to this is that as newer 3D printers get released, you’ll be able to buy an old-gen 3D printer for the price of a Kindle.

Here is an actual build... in real time!

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