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GE Ventures has previously worked with Xometry and recently gave them $23 million in funding. Xometry is an online platform that provides pricing, time leads, and feedback for manufacturers (Photo from Xometry)


When online shopping started over 20 years ago, no one could’ve imagined half the things you can buy online: cars, houses, groceries, and furniture. But buying products and parts online isn’t so easy for manufacturers. The process is long and arduous involving a lot of bidding and losing precious time. Xometry is a new software program looking to take the pain out of buying parts.



A sample of what the website looks like (Photo from Xometry)


Xometry is a software platform that offers on-demand manufacturing to a wide customer base. Some of their biggest customers come from aerospace, automotive, defense, medical, technology, and telecommunications industries. The platform offers on-time and efficient service by using industrial 3D printing technology to make the parts. And unlike standard industrial machines, this process offers parts in many different materials, including nylon, ABS, ULTEM, and aluminum alloy.


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Some of the infill 3D printing options Xometry offers. That 100% fill looks nice! (Photo from Xometry)


So how does it work? Think of Xometry as Amazon mixed with Uber for manufacturers. Orders are placed through the company’s website, which offers pricing, times, and feedback. This makes a previous time-intensive process, simple since connects small to medium sized manufacturers to their customers in various industries.


This is where Xometry acts as a “network orchestrator” to connect manufacturers to their customer base. All customers have to do is upload a 3D file and place your order. The service is already doing pretty well on its own. Their network has grown with over 4000 customers and manufacturing partners in 35 states. Now it’s about to get bigger with some help from GE Ventures.


Recently, Xometry scored $23 million in funding from GE and other investors, like Highland Capital Partners. Ralph Taylor-Smith, managing director of Advanced Manufacturing at GE, believes this new partnership will “transform American manufacturing.” GE’s been interested in the company for years since they’ve used their services and found themselves impressed with the result.



Xometry offers a wide variety of materials for their parts (Photo from Xometry)


Any company that’s interested can easily sign up for free without worrying about bidding for jobs. Rather, partners get notifications when orders that fit their capabilities get placed. They can also get access to pricing and lead time 24/7. Hopefully, this new service will make it easier for companies to finish their jobs faster and more efficiently.


This all might sound like a commercial, it isn't. I am always looking for printing services. Shapeways, and similar sites, have room for competition. And that means more options for us makers.



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