Hi everyone,


I recently read the following news and thought it was really exciting! It appears researchers from Newcastle University have 3D Printed human cornea for the first time. This could help people with corneal blindness all over the world.


Cornea is the outer layer of the human eye which protects the eye from infection. Researchers mixed stem cells from healthy donor cornea with alginate and collagen in order to create a printable bio-ink. Then they used a 3d printer to replicate the shape of the human eye cornea.. Apparently, the resulting cornea is not ready to be used by humans yet, as more research is required, but this was the first step.   This has potential to help so many people, seeing as the only way to replace a damaged cornea at the moment is cornea transplant and there is a shortage of cornea donors out there.


I was really excited to read this, basically a friend of mine who has lost vision on her left eye due to diabetes posted this on facebook and she was hopeful that she will see again with this technique. My own grandmother was basically blind due to diabetes the last 15 years of her life, so this really hit an emotional string. I feel for the people who are struggling everyday with blindness and I really hope this technique gets further funding so it becomes usable and helps all the people who need it.


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