Dear community members!


We admit, the POTTA artisanal 3D printer product launch we announced earlier today was an April fool’s joke. We hope you found it as funny as we did!


Yes, the POTTA is not an actual product – although, who wouldn’t appreciate a 3D printer that would knock on your door ready to get down to work, has a friendly chat mode and prints overhangs without support??



We fooled you, but don’t forget there is a prize draw for an actual 3D printer; an amazing ENDER-3 PRO sponsored by Creality 3D. The prize draw is open to UK and US residents until the 7th of April – full T&Cs are here:



We truly enjoyed shooting the POTTA video and having some pottery fun along the way! You can see the POTTA video below. Many thanks to Stathis Dimitriadis for his invaluable help in shooting this video. Stathis is a ceramic artist in Leeds and owns a pottery studio in Barkston House (LS11 9RT) where he creates his art and delivers pottery lessons. For anyone who is interested in seeing Stathis’ art and get in touch with him for projects please visit or follow him on instagram:




Did you prank your family/friends/colleagues today? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below; especially if electronics and maker skills were involved!