{gallery} Smol 3D Printer

Small 3D Printer: Fits in the palm of your hand

Small 3D Printer: Banana for scale

Small 3D Printer: The prints aren't big, but they're good

Small 3D Printer: Along with the control board

Small 3D Printer: And the 3D Design


Creator Mega-Andy said:


Making a 3d printer with DVD drive motors is nothing new but I wanted to make one with a designed frame instead of looking like a pile of dvd drives on top of eachother.

Black and gold parts in PLA, teeth for the leadscrews are now PETG. Print quality is not amazing but also not that bad, also I am just amazed i got it working.

I will release this on thingiverse soon but I want to test it more and make design changes too. It has proved fairly unreliable so far as it ruins the teeth that guide it on the leadscrew quite easily.


Parts are available on Thingiverse here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3625715  and a copy is attached to this blog!


Source: Reddit