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3D Printing

2 Posts authored by: CharlesGantt
At the moment, 3D printing is the hottest topic in the tech world, but over the last few weeks, 3D printed food has seemed to take front stage with announcements from 3D Systems and Hershey.  The topic of 3D printed food is so big in fact that NASA is even testing the technology to see how they can utilize it in space travel and on the International Space Station.  At CES this year I saw several companies showing off 3D printers designed around sugar-based fabrication, but this technol ...
With 3D printers growing more affordable by the day, it has become common place to see them begin appearing in not only the home workshop, but inside EE labs everywhere. Even though engineering and 3D printing have been running hand in hand for decades now, the recent incursion of budget friendly 3D printers are leaving many wondering how to incorporate them into their projects workflow. While I am not an electrical engineer, many of my friends are and I often find myself answering questi ...

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