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3D Printing

2 Posts authored by: balearicdynamics Top Member
This project introduces some tips to make a flexible but robust non-flat surface and some other common issues, explaining a possible solution through the making of a smartphone cover full 3D printed.   The object First of all the finished object.   The creation shown in the making of video required four main steps and some experiments: Taking the model dimensions Designing the CAD model 3D printing the components Assembling the components   Calculating the model dimensio ...
The idea to make yafrd (yet another filament roll dispenser) originates trying to 3D Print some of these useful support available on internet. Unfortunately I too frequently find objects (and not only in this case) that "in theory" will work perfectly but then when having the components in your hands arises mechanical issues making them almost useless or very difficult to use or build. Some of the tools I tried was too complex, other was too expansive and in some cases requiring components t ...

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