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BotFeeder Anniversary

Posted by botfeeder Jun 9, 2015
Happy Birthday BotFeeder! This is the best deal of the year. Don't miss it or you have to wait next year. Check out the great deal of BotFeeder Filament. ...
Siemens will be the first global manufacturer making use of 3D technology to print spare parts for gas turbine.   GE Aviation is planning to mass produce a metal component - fuel nozzle for the new Leap engine for the Boeing 747 MAX and A320neo airbus.   Rolls-Royce planned to 3D printed components for its jet engine.   Medical Sector is expected to 3D printed an organ - like liver and eyes.   Food Sector - 3D printed pizza, chocolate with your face.     Follow our ...
Dear 3D printer users,   If you want to get the best possible deal for your holiday shopping for 3D filaments, this weekend is the best time to do so.  The early bird always catches the worms!   HUGE SAVINGS Saving starting from 17.5% for your choice of any color and size of BotFeeder 3D filaments.   Enjoy your Black Friday Shopping!   BotFeeder Canada ...

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