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3D Printing

2 Posts authored by: djsloanau
I just recently built my Printrbot Junior v2 3D printer and have been printing test pieces in order to calibrate the printer. Now that all that is done, and after printing a filament guide to keep my feed line under control I decided it was time to design and build something. I am attempting to build an Ironman MkIV suit for my son, and the arc reactor in the chest is one of the toy ones which light up and make a noise when you press the front. That was ok, but the lights were pathetic, so I ...
Hello world, I have been on this site for quite a while, but never used it, so here is my first post.   I just received my 3D printer, a Printrbot Jr (V2) from Printrbot on Tuesday 4th February 2014. The good news is that it all appears to be here and in good condition, the bad news is that it is a kit and I had to build it, which isn't fun when you have arthritis. I painted the Plywood parts machine shop orange mostly to protect them from warping if it gets damp. Assembly has taken place ...

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