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3D Printing

6 Posts authored by: dougw Top Member

MP3 Player Amplifier

Posted by dougw Top Member Apr 24, 2016
I seem to often have a need to test small speakers, but audio sources these days tend to expect the speakers to have their own amplifier built-in. Rather than always having to hijack some other system and rig up appropriate amplifiers and wiring I decided to make a small test device that can directly drive speakers as low as 4 ohms. Originally, I was just going to build an amplifier, but I found an MP3 player with built-in amp for a ridiculous price of $1.78 with free shipping so this is what I ...

3D Printed Phaser

Posted by dougw Top Member Apr 16, 2016
3D printers are great for printing iconic props from the movies. Here is my version of a Star Trek phaser: If you need the file, let me know. ...

Triple Gaff 3D Print

Posted by dougw Top Member Apr 2, 2016
The Triple Gaff project is a solution to carrying heavy objects with narrow handles that cut into your fingers. The Triple Gaff has hooks that grab narrow handles on objects to be carried, but the handle of the Triple Gaff has a large diameter to distribute the load over a larger surface area thus translating the concentrated high stress load from a narrow handle to a low stress load. The shape is designed to be 3D printed with no support structures. It can prevent finger pain while carrying ...

Robox to the rescue

Posted by dougw Top Member Dec 25, 2014
Christmas day - my daughter closes the car door on her coat which has her cell phone in the pocket. This kills the phone. I happen to have an slightly older unlocked phone that I use less than once per month so we simply swap SIM cards right? - but the cards are not compatible. She has a Micro SIM card and I have a Mini SIM card. It is Christmas Day, so no stores are open to buy an adapter. But Wait, I'm just road testing a Cel Robox 3D printer - why not print off an adapter. Great - 3 minutes l ...
I have been road testing a Cel Robox 3D printer for a few days now and having a great time exploring the possibilities and printing interesting items. In keeping with the season I thought I would print a star for our Christmas tree. It came out great, so I stuck it on a plastic rod so it could be secured to the tree. However as soon as my granddaughter saw it she immediately transformed it into a magic wand and it never did make it to the tree. The great thing about having a printer is that you ...
element 14 bestows prestigious badges on members, with different badges signifying various accomplishments. This project is an attempt materialize these badges, but rather than simply printing out a colour image of the badges this project will design and print 3D medallions. To showcase the various badges on the desktop, a business card holder was designed that can accommodate up to 6 medallions, one in each of the circular pockets. Here is an image of the card holder and some images of typic ...

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