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3D Printing

2 Posts authored by: e14phil element14 Team
Previous blog e14 adventures in 3D: #1 New Toy in the e14 Office    Last time, I confessed my schoolboy error of running 240v through my printers PSU while it was set to receive 110v. This poor little guy got the shock of its life!   Now time for some trouble shooting, First item on the replacement list was the PSU which went pop.   PSU has been switched out, next job is to power on the printer after carefully checking the voltage!   Power on,   No movement.. ...
Check out the shiny new toy sitting on the desk in-front of me today!   A Printrbot Metal Plus and The specified item was not found.. We will be playing with OctoPrint and OctoPi. We will be keeping you all in the loop.   -e14Phil     Next Post: e14 adventures in 3D: #2 Dr. is in the house ...

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