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3D Printing

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So my Cel Robox is a little sick and I designed some stuff that I wanted to try out. I am working on a robot project and for that I designed the following RPi Case. As you can see there are slots and a potrusion. There are studs for the RPi to fit and I took a model from Thingverse for reference. The Slots fit a servo motor stand as... The above will fit the servo motor which can have RPi cam or a ranger sensor or both... My Robot head looks like... and...   Until Cel figures ...
Introduction What is the Cel Robox My Unboxing The problems So what happens?   Introduction I won the Cel Robox as a part of the IoT Holiday Lights Design Challenge and was quite happy to be the owner of a Best In Class 3D Printer. This would be my first 3D printer and had been wanting one for ages. A week after the announcement, I received the Robox... Happy Day. Unaware of what was to come I unboxed it and allocated a place for it on my desk. This is the story of what ...

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