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3D Printing

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It's Christmas time! Time to get awesome gifts for your family and friends, which they would really love to receive. This time, why not get something unique and innovative for them, like 3D printed objects? With 3D printing technology being increasingly used to create a variety of things, you can find several 3D printed things that would make a great gift for Christmas. Whether your loved ones are fashionistas or tech geeks, you would certainly find some 3D printed gift to suit his/her taste.


Read on to know some of the most innovative and incredible 3D printed gifts you can give your family and friends:


1. Custom external hard drives and USB flash drives



Gift digital storage space to a tech geek friend of yours this Christmas, in the form of custom 3D printed external hard drives and USB flash drives. These devices are fully customizable according to your liking, from their design to colors to text.


2. Constructionist bronze bracelet



Based on geometrical structures and modern architecture, the Constructionist bronze bracelet is a 3D printed accessory. It would make a great gift for bold fashionistas.


3. RAWR dinosaur



This is a cute 3D printed dino, which is far from being ferocious. Made from sandstone, the dino figurine would make a nice gift for kids, or one can place it on a desk or shelf to give the place a colorful touch.


4. Smartphone case



Gift an awestrucking 3D printed smartphone case to a friend this Christmas. These cases give a great look to any smartphone.


5. Quin Christmas Tree Ornament




A striking geometric 3D print, the 'Quin', has been designed by Bathsheba Grossman. You can find the 'Quin' in the form of a Christmas tree ornament, which is a fascinating gift for anyone.


6. 3D printed silver pendant



Inspired by one of the fairy tales Loupgarou read during his childhood, he designed the 'Reach the Stars Pendant'. The pendant symbolizes the effort for reaching a star. You can find this beautiful design in 3D printed form, made of sterling silver along with high-gloss finish.


7. 3D printed frost jewelry



Blueberries, a Czech jewelry brand, makes stunning 3D printed earrings, pendants  and rings. They introduced the “Frost” collection in 2015, which is inspired by winter and ice. This is another impressive gift you can give one of your fashionista friends, who loves to experiment with new accessories.


8. Clothoid.A lamp



This lamp can serve as an appealing centerpiece in the design of any room. The shade of this lamp has been created through a mathematical formula, which lets you adjust it in different positions.


9. Eggbot



Breakfast doesn't need to be boring. Here is a 3D printed Eggbot that adds a bit adventure to having soft-boiled eggs for breakfast. It may also act as a holder when one is cooking.


10. “Atom” guitar



Olaf Diegel, a mechatronics professor in the School of Engineering and Advanced Technology of Massey University in New Zealand, built several incredible 3D printed guitars, which are fully playable. The “Atom” guitar- as well as the other models are wonderfully intricate.


These gift ideas would help you choose what to buy for your family and friends this Christmas. Choose one or more of these 3D printed gift items, and watch how your loved one gets surprised and impressed to get such an out-of-the-box gift. Merry Christmas!

3D print Helmet



It's a huge disappointment for many Fallout 4 fans who were too late to pre-order the functioning Pip-Boy edition that the esteemed publisher Bethesda had released along with a copy of the video game.

Fallout 4 is the fifth major installment of the series that was released worldwide on 10th November, 2015. Gamers can play it on platforms like PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It all began at the E3 showcase, where the esteemed publisher Bethesda set the tone to an entire new level with their unveiling of the new Fallout 4 footage and a Fallout spin-off mobile game titled the Fallout Shelter. With the announcement of the Pip-Boy edition, multiple retailers were already facing with pre-order bookings as fans and collectors began to scramble for their share of the copy, until a Tweet from Pete Hines, Bethesda's Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations confirmed that the edition was limited.


However, while the chances to acquire a copy of the Pip-Boy edition now look slim, Hine's tweet seems to have given some ray of hope as he points out there are some retailers who might not have yet put up their stock of Pip-Boy edition yet.





To go with his words, it is true that many are not yet aware as to how these retailers are indeed preparing to make their supply available to the buyers. Some of you might have already anticipated that they would be demanding a higher price by creating a line of scarcity supply. If your doubts hold true, then there is no denying the fact that many of you would be disappointed to some extent. But then, chances to get your own Pip-boy edition does not in any way seem slim as with 3D printing technology, you could just print out for yourself a 3D version of the Pip-Boy edition with no compromise to any detail.


Take a look at how Bret had 3D printed a Fallout prop, the epic armor helmet for his son this Halloween.

[ Side by side comparison pictures of the actual and the 3D printed helmet]





3D Printing


This is the process of additive manufacturing, where a 3 dimensional object can be created using a digital file. 3D printing is a series of additive process. An object is created through the successive layering down of materials until the final output has been created.


The technology may however vary from one kind of production to another and so are the materials used for production. In Bret's case, he used ABS plastic to print the T-45d Power Armor.


I would usually target fitting– 20 hours of print time for pieces on the printer at a time and the large print size of the printer was ideal for this. Every evening after work I would sort through my print list and assemble the 20 hours of pieces via Cura, load it on the SD card and print it. It kept my non-print time to a minimum, and after roughly every 50 hours of print time I would grease the machine– which was all the upkeep that had been required so far. I had a few single pieces that took just over 24 hours to print, such as the lower front quadrants”, was what Bret had to say about his first experience with 3D printing.


In fact, you can create some of the best Fallout 4 props by just downloading the digitized files and then 3D printing them right away!


Some stunning 3D printed Fallout props that you can create on your own -


#1 – Pip-Boy 3000


As mentioned earlier, the Pip-Boy edition of season 4 got sold out in just a few hours. However, you can get your own 3D printed Pip-Boy edition in no time. The Pip-Boy 3000 is the central hub of all interaction that a gamer can use for getting items, maps, stats and even radio stations. As essential as it sounds, an important note for any Fallout gamer – Never leave your vault without this, or else it's Game Over!


#2 – AEP7 Laser Pistol


A high-tech sidearms that can emit a concentrated beam of coherent light, the AEP7 Laser Pistol comes with sufficient wattage that is capable of doing considerable damage. The thing is, just don't run out of juice supply first.


#3 – Protectron Action Figure


“Violence will not be tolerated”, is one of its best line. The Protectron can be your fierce enemy. However, the secret is that, if you manage to hack it the Protectron can perform a lot of dirty work for you.


#4 – Vault- Boy Bobblehead


The Vault-Boy Bobblehead comes very handy, since it can raise a gamer's skills by one point. Better make sure you have it.


#5 – 10 mm Pistol


The 10 mm Pistol can be easily found in the wasteland and is present in the new Fallout 4 games. You would hate to miss this out, for this baby can be upgraded fully into an even more powerful tool.

#6 – Nuka Cola Pistol

This is a brand new toy and no information is available as to what the weapon is capable of doing. However, if you are considering to 3D print your own Nuka Cola Pistol, here is what you would want to know – The pistol comes with 11 parts to print, paint and assemble.


I could have added a few more names to my collection list, but then why not look out for yourself what else can a 3D printer generate for you. You can also Test Print a sample for yourself if you want to. The thrill does not get better than this! Right?

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