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3D Printing

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  By Nimish Sawant /  26 Jun 2014 , 18:34 Mumbai-based J Group Robotics announced the launch of its 3D printer named Vector PLA 3D targetted at manufacturing industries across verticals such as automotive, aeronautical, engineering, defence, etc. for making prototypes of final products. Apart from prototyping for industries, the Vector PLA 3D can also be used for making everyday objects such as cellphone covers, jewellery mockup designs, gift items, 3D facial models to even prosthetic ...
Vector PLA 3DVector PLA 3D helps in creating the world of infinite possibilities by converting the computer design to real life tailored made objects e.g. (Cell phone covers, Fashion accessories, Jewelry, Wallet, Headphones, Speakers, DJ Desk, Interior Designed models, Toys, Eye Wear, Coffee Cups, Clock, Hanging Lights, Camera Lens, Flute, Acoustic Guitar, High heel shoes, , Gears, Medical Models, Architecture models, Engineering models, Sculptures and much more to check out on our Community pag ...

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